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Sushi-DS by DMXSoft

Sushi-DS by DMXSoft

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Make Every Light Show a Masterpiece

Choose SUSHI-DS DMXSoft Interface – where your light show visions take flight, ensuring every performance is a showstopper. Immerse your audience in a world of mesmerizing light, tailored to perfection by you. Your journey to lighting excellence and unforgettable shows begins now. 

Sushi offers 128 channels and three robust software packages. Navigate the world of lighting with the Android-exclusive Light Rider, Sunlite Suite 2 & 3 for Windows, and Daslight 4 for both Mac and Windows. Each software option comes with a complimentary 1-year license, allowing you to experiment, assess, and select the software that seamlessly aligns with your needs. Elevate your lighting design with the flexibility of our Smart Upgrade Technology (SUT), making it effortless to expand both channels and software.

Advanced SUT Smart Upgrade Technology Don't stay stuck with the same software for a decade. Our innovative Smart Upgrade Technology (SUT) grants you the flexibility to switch to any of our cutting-edge software anytime. Benefit from cost-efficient one-year licenses and keep your setup contemporary and effective.

Secure and Versatile Control Gain peace of mind with the security of your purchases for life. Your acquired licenses are safely stored within the memory of your DMX interface, ensuring easy software installation on multiple computers. Whenever necessary, effortlessly transfer your licenses to another compatible DMX interface.

Comprehensive Fixture Library Command any DMX or LED lighting fixtures with our extensive library featuring over 15,000 fixture profiles from 500 manufacturers. Effortlessly integrate any fixture into the software and obtain control within minutes. Design your own profiles with the inclusive SSL Library editor for tailored lighting effects.

Daslight Software - Elevate Your Light Show Unleash the full potential of your light show with the latest version of Daslight software, now available on both PC and Mac. Utilize the new Show Mode to craft a personalized screen for lightning-fast, intuitive control, ensuring your light show stands out.

Effortless Control with Light Rider App Skip the tedious programming with the Light Rider app. Choose from a library of over 15,000 lighting fixtures and witness an automatic, mesmerizing light show that captivates and enchants. The Light Rider app is a must-have for those seeking impactful lighting without the extensive programming.

Inclusive Software Receive complimentary access to Easy Stand Alone, Daslight DVC1, and Arcolis Design software, enhancing your lighting control and design possibilities.

Express and Full Modes Opt for Express Mode for selective feature activation or embrace the Full Mode for unrestricted access to all software features, ensuring your DMX channels remain uncompromised.

High-Quality, Affordable Solutions Experience the synergy of Swiss quality, USA strategy, and China production, delivering powerful and high-quality DmxSoft interfaces. Crafted by global engineers and managers, our products promise exceptional performance at competitive prices, ensuring your lighting design and control remains innovative and budget-friendly.

Out of the package features SUSHI-Z1 SUSHI-DS/RB/RJ 128 channels LIVE USE (with soft/app) Included soft/app Easy Stand Alone 1 (windows) Easy Stand Alone 1 (windows) (extensible to 512 channels) Lifetime licence Daslight DVC2 (windows) Daslight DVC1 (windows) Sunlite 2004 express (windows) Sunlite 2004 express (windows) 12 channels STAND ALONE (with power) Lumidesk express (windows) Lumidesk express (windows) (extensible to 512 channels) Arcolis Designer (android) Arcolis Designer (android) ESA2 express (windows, mac).

*If you don't already have the USB drive, you'll need to add that to cart with any additional software. We will load your device for you before shipping.


Experience Seamless Transitions with SUT Smart Upgrade Technology

*You receive this download in your inbox after purchase. Use it to register your Sushi-DS USB device once you receive it.

Flexible Software Licensing for You

Switch and explore! Why commit to one software for a decade when our SUT Smart Upgrade Technology empowers you to transition to any of our cutting-edge software options whenever you desire? Enjoy the cost-effective advantage of our one-year licenses.

Your Purchase, Secured for Life with SUT

Our commitment goes beyond providing advanced software. Thanks to SUT, your licenses are embedded within your DMX interface's memory, facilitating software or app installations across multiple computers. Need a change? Seamlessly transfer your licenses to another compatible DMX interface at your convenience.

Command Over 15,000 DMX and LED Lighting Fixtures

Venture into a vast library housing over 15,000 lighting fixture profiles from 500 top manufacturers. Integrate any fixture with ease and commence control within minutes. Tailor-make fixture profiles using our user-friendly SSL Library editor.

DMXsoft Interfaces: A Fusion of Quality, Strategy, and Affordability

Experience the synthesis of global innovation! Our DMXsoft interfaces resonate with power, durability, and top-tier performance. Conceptualized by global experts, we embody European R&D, Swiss precision, American strategy, and Chinese efficiency.

Daslight Software: Elevate Your Light Show Experience

Redefine your illumination displays with Daslight's newest software version, now available for both PC and Mac. Our revamped Show Mode lets you craft a user-centric screen for quick, instinctive control, ensuring your light displays are more vibrant than ever.

Light Rider App: Masterful Lighting without the Hassle

Ditch the complexities of programming! With access to over 15,000 lighting fixtures, Light Rider lets your lights dance, dazzle, and create shows that captivate. Ideal for those who desire stunning light displays without hours of programming.


*If you don't already have the USB drive, you'll need to add that to cart with any additional software. We will load your device for you before shipping.

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