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Wisdom Esoterica

Annual Service Plan for Established W.E. Clients

Annual Service Plan for Established W.E. Clients

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Reliable and consistent performance from your AV systems is crucial. With the ever-evolving complexity of AV systems, ensuring they remain at peak performance is essential. Our tailored service plan is designed to offer you peace of mind, swift solutions, and an expert team at your disposal.


Why Opt for Wisdom Esoterica Service Membership?

  • Reliability: Do sudden AV hiccups disrupt your flow? Need swift troubleshooting?
  • Accessibility: Want dependable experts just a call away?
  • Documentation: Interested in having audio/video proof of all maintenance work for quality assurance or training?

Our expertly designed subscription plans, available in both monthly and yearly subscriptions, ensure you get rapid, top-notch, and budget-friendly service when you need it most. Check out our detailed offerings below. Ready to commit or have inquiries? Contact us now!


Membership Highlights:

  • Priority Response: Count on us to respond promptly.
  • Exclusive Discounts on show upgrades for Wisdom Esoterica installations. Includes upgraded shows for the Color Cloud, Color Star, and other Wisdom Esoterica installed systems.
  • Crisis Management: First post-business hour emergency call is FREE each month - a $300 value! First 2 remote emergency hours on us during business hours.
  • Exclusive Discounts: 10-50% off on all site work and remote programming. 
  • Transparent Service: Voice/video records of all our service sessions upon request* 
  • Includes discounted monthly or yearly checkups.


Plan Pricing:

  • Tier 1: A cost-effective $1200 yearly plan billed annually or $100 monthly. Best for smaller installations/systems up to 50K.
  • Tier 2: A cost-effective $3600 yearly plan billed annually or $300 monthly. Best for larger installations/systems up to 250K. 

Note: First-time Membership clients can purchase an annually subscription only. A one year commitment is required, after that you can cancel any time.


Members Service Schedule of Fees:

Remote Service (Scheduled):

  • Free for members with response within 24 hours.
  • First 2 remote service hours per month are complimentary - that's up to 300 savings each month!

Emergency Remote Service:

  • $100/hour during business hours. First hour each month is complimentary - That's up to $100 in savings each month!
  • $125/hour beyond business hours.

On-Site Service:

  • 10% off regular site-work rates.
  • These hourly rates do not account for travel expenses. We'll invoice you for trave + materials.


Non-Members Schedule of Fees:

  • 40 days of complimentary remote service post any Wisdom Esoterica installation.
  • Standard charges apply after the 40-day period.

On-Site Service Rates:

Programming/Troubleshooting/System Commissioning/Project Management/Design Rates:

  • 125/Hour
  • Minimum of 1/2 hour

    On-Site Service Rates for Head Technicians:

    • $100/hour (scheduled) with approx. 2-week notice.
    • $125/hour for emergency needs during business hours approx. 2-week notice.
    • $150/hour for emergency service outside business hours
    • Minimum 1/2 hour
    • These hourly rates do not account for travel expenses. We'll invoice you for trave + materials.

    On-Site Service Rates for Assistant Technicians:

    • $75/hour

    Remote Service Rates:

    • $125/hour (scheduled) with response within 24 hours.
    • $125/hour for emergencies during business hours.
    • $175/hour for emergencies post business hours.

    Business Operational Time: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM (EST).

    Optimize Your AV Experience with Wisdom Esoterica.

    Have Questions? Reach out today!

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